Ræðisskrifstofa Spánar á Íslandi: Interesting aspects about entrepreneurship

The Spanish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce is honored to have two important guests to discuss interesting aspects about entrepreneurship in a breakfast meeting. Please, confirm assistance at info@espana.is (the meeting will be held in English, but will be answered questions in Spanish with English translation):

 - Professor Balvinder Powar of the IE Business School of Madrid will talk about his experience in the Commercial Space and Drones/UAVS sectors and as an entrepreneur, exploring the growing business opportunities in Spain and Internationally. He will also share the key learning tips in his core specialist areas: Innovation, Leadership, Teambuilding and Effective Communications. Taking examples from his company BOOSTER, he will explain how IE Business School in Spain has collaborated with them through the Global Consultancy Project ("GCP"). Finally he will also discuss AERDRON´s investigation into the use of their innovative drones within Iceland.

- Professor Bala Kamallakharan of the Reykjavík University and Founder of Startup Iceland, will talk about his experience as founder of Startup Iceland. His experience of working with founders after the financial collapse in Iceland has created a vibrant startup community in Iceland. Startup Iceland is a yearly conference where participants from around the world convene and share ideas and action plans on how to improve the startup community in everyone's city.