04.02.13 Foreign Trading Day

The Icelandic economy is due to its small size and low population very open towards foreign markets, which provides good business opportunities for Spanish companies. Since the financial crisis the Icelandic economy recovered well and presents good prospects for investment. In contrast of the high rents the Icelandic people are good consumers. The standard of living in Iceland is one of the highest in the world in all aspects. Considering the economic structure of Iceland, providing equipment for the fishing and processing industry, as well as energy intensive industries and service providers, especially the tourist industry, provide excellent opportunities for Spanish companies. The Spanish experience in tourism presents a great incentive to invest in this emerging sector of Iceland.

The conference, which purpose is to promote and strengthen bilateral relations as well as trade ties between Spanish and Icelandic companies, will present business opportunities offered by Iceland, publicize these strategic sectors of interest and provide practical advice on how to carry out an investment in Iceland.

Please find attached the detailed program  and send it to your contacts!