Noticias & Eventos

14.09.2021Asamblea General 2021

La Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Islandesa convoca a la Asamblea General el próximo 6 de octubre a las 17:00-18:00h en España (una hora menos en Canarias).

15.04.2021Iceland as a Destination for France, Italy and Spain

At the online event on the 21st of April at 11:00 CET, strengths and opportunities for Iceland as a tourist destination post COVID in key market in Southern Europe; France, Italy, and Spain, will be identified.

13.03.2017Capital Controls lifted

The Spanish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce notes the announcement of the Icelandic Government that capital controls have been lifted with effect on Tuesday. The Government of Iceland today announces that capital controls on the country's individuals, firms, and pension funds have been lifted with effect on Tuesday. The removal of the capital controls, which stabilised the currency and economy during the country's unprecedented financial crash, represents the completion of Iceland's return to international financial markets.

05.10.2016Annual General Meeting 26 oktober in Reykjavík

Annual General Meeting of SPIS will be held on 26 October 2016 at 15.00. After the formal proceedings of the AGM, all friends of the SPIS are invited to a presentation from Guðný Káradóttir, Director, Food - fisheries & agriculture from Promote Iceland. Guðný will present the marketing campaign and projects that are ongoing in South-Europe with salted Cod.

13.05.2016Consulado Honorario de España en Islandia: Breakfast meeting at the Spanish-Icelandic Chamber of Com

La Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Islandesa tiene el honor de acoger a dos importantes personalidades del mundo de la economía para discutir aspectos sobre proyectos empresariales de emprendedores en una reunión matinal.